JALTCALL2020 will be held in beautiful Hirosaki at Hirosaki Gakuin University, Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture from June 5-7, 2020. The theme will be Teaching with Tech.

JALTCALL2020 Call for Papers Due February 17th

Please use our JALTCALL Conference Submission Site to submit your proposal.

Submissions have been extended and will close at exactly 9am on February 17th, Japan time. They will not be extended.

JALTCALL2020: Teaching with Tech

As the tech space matures, CALL as a discipline is driven by the complementing spheres of those developing new teaching techniques, and those researchers looking to ensure that teaching methodologies are based on sound principles and research. The focus of this year’s conference is to promote how these two spheres can complement one another and drive the discipline forward.

Rather than asking “5 ways to use App X in the classroom”, the focus will be on how you can achieve specific goals by applying pedagogical innovations around technology usage. Consider the why, what, and how of teaching with tech and show off your amazing work.

We welcome both practical approaches as Show & Tell, Poster, and Workshop presentations as well as Paper and Poster presentations associated with but not limited to the following topics:

  • Task design (cognitive-interactional, psycholinguistic, sociocultural, psychological, educational aspects, etc.)
  • Models of design (cognitive load theory, spaced learning, situated learning, etc.)
  • Theories of SLA (sociocultural theory, constructivism, complexity theory, etc.)
  • Dimensions of engagement (cognitive, behavioral, emotional, social)
  • Assessment and evaluation of learning, etc.

Keynote speakers

Kasumi Yamazaki

Kasumi Yamazaki is Assistant Professor of Japanese in the Department of World Languages & Cultures, at the University of Toledo where she teaches advanced level courses of Japanese as a Foreign Language (JFL) and culture. Dr. Yamazaki’s research focuses on a wide range of contemporary Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) pedagogy and integration, namely, the use of 3D simulation games and virtual realities (VRs), the development of intelligent CALL (ICALL) systems, and the effectiveness of hybrid teaching curricula. Dr. Yamazaki currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of Technology in Language Teaching & Learning.

Charlie Browne

Dr. Browne is Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL at Meiji Gakuin University. He is a specialist in Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition and Extensive Reading, especially as they apply to online learning environments, and has written dozens of research articles, books, and textbooks over his 30 years in Japan. In addition to his work in creating several important new corpus-based word lists and a wide range of free online tools to teach, learn and create texts based on these lists, he has also developed many free online ER/EL and vocabulary learning sites, tools and apps, working hard to share this knowledge through countless presentations, seminars and hand-on workshops around the world.


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